Slow Down - Move Over
law applies in Tennessee.

Our job is to get traffic moving again after an incident.

Please respect us and allow us to go home to our families afterwards.

Can't stress this enough.

Tow trucks running with lights on means they are responding to a THP or City rotation call. 

Please be ALERT!

Give us a call.

Woman Owned
Veteran Owned
3 Dogs Towing
We'll get you out of a "ruff" spot

24/7 Towing, Recovery and Roadside Assistance just a phone call away.

**60 Ton Rotator**   **Mobile Computer Diagnostics**

Please remember to MOVE OVER for ALL incident responders.  Allow us space to perform our job and return home safely to our families.
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Need Reefer mobile fueling?  We are setup to deliver up to 100 gallons.